NaPoWriMo Prompt #5

Meeting Stephanie

Sunday, April 5, 2020/Categories: Entries

NaPoWriMo Prompt #5

Day 5 is overwhelming!

The prompt today was a list of 20 things, yes 20 different things to incorporate into one poem! I  was so flummoxed by this that I went into the yard to pull weeds. For 6 hours. I still can’t work them all in, so here is another pile of gibberish from me that in my own head I have labeled a poem.

At least the haiku came easily……. 

Writing a poem

Is like drowning in the sea

In over my head



Watching her walk across the field was like taking a laxative

My insides were instantly jumbled up with no idea what to do

It was Stephanie walking across Tailgate Lot 31

Undoubtedly she was here to see Jen, why else make the journey

It was as if a thousand baby pigmy hippos had run across the field

And I could feel the way she smelled before she even got close to me

Perhaps she was just here with her friends

I spent the day listening to everything she said

I got close enough to smell the perfume she had worn

And kept the cold vodka flowing over her tongue

While gently reaching out as if she were an old familiar friend whose arm I was brushing

I could see the slight embarrassment rise up in her face

Alas, she put her sweatshirt on backwards, raised the hood and began flirting with someone else

It was as if all the vodka I had served her made her buy over priced ridiculous Boy Scout chocolate covered pretzels

The beautiful woman of Jeep ownership was going to be mine

Ella realmente iba a ser mía

Trust me when I say that for both of us, there was no need to flirt

We would seduce each other with our awkwardness

And two short years later were married and living happily every after.








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