NaPoWriMo - Official Day 2

Our Backyard

Thursday, April 2, 2020/Categories: Entries

NaPoWriMo - Official Day 2


Our house is on a macaroni shaped street

On the outside bend

Rendering our yard private

Even though bordered by seven neighbors

The arborvitae protect us from the eyes


The fence is a hodge podge of options

Some tall with no gaps

Some short with gaps too large

All of it shored up to keep dogs on the correct side

Boards at the bottom to keep mini diggers in


A cluster of pines

That we never manage to light for Christmas

Two white birch towards the middle

An expansive patio around the sunroom

A raised deck shaded by two maple trees


It should be a tranquil paradise

Work, meetings and socializing always in the way

But now under quarantine

This is our chance to create our refuge

Inviting only three dogs and a parrot    


And because I am drawn to Haiku – and also involved in a Haiku From Home quarantine exercise – here it is:

Our sacred backyard

Three dogs are running amok

But it’s our haven

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