NaPoWriMo Day #7

Even Adorable Won't Work

Tuesday, April 7, 2020/Categories: Entries

NaPoWriMo Day #7

Poetry Day #7

Today’s prompt was to get our inspiration from a news story – at least that is how I remember it. I read it 13 hours ago so my brain may be fuzzy.

I wanted to get away from politics and Coronavirus and find something good.

On I found a story about a baby rhino……..



A baby rhino

Diverts my mind from the news

I wish it could last



Even Adorable Won’t Work

Searching for something to take my mind

Away from current problems, I scanned

For a story happy and light

I came across a baby rhino playing

With his mother

 Absolutely adorable until I read the caption

Endangered Eastern Black Rhino


I was flung immediately back to a state of

Anxiety and dread and worry

Spending my days lately on the verge of tears

What if I lose someone I love, what if I am lost

How can I cut short a love I just found

It is my current obsession

My wife, my family, my friends


Jolted back to my searing anger

For the incompetence of our nation’s leader

For issues that have led to endangerment of any animal

For pomp and circumstance lost

Not to mention innocence and the ability to be carefree

Happy to miserable, angry to scared

Those are my days now


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