WTF Is This Facebook Fad?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016/Categories: Entries

WTF Is This Facebook Fad?

If you look at the picture above you will see the fad on Facebook that I am talking about - has anyone else seen this crap? I get tagged by the same person on all of these - I really think it's because said person knows I will comment and wants to see where my strange, twisted, freely associating mind will take things.........

The first one was to tag someone that reminds you of a hard boiled egg.............I made some comment about being like a ball of sunshine on the inside and calmer on the outside.

Next - a photo of a baked potato - because I'm a little crusty on the outside (emotionally - I take personal hygiene very seriously - think back to my article about how I'm not high maintenance just because I have a team of people that do things to help with my grooming) and warm and soft on the inside.

Then comes a photo of a potato - that one above - to which I replied because the possibilities of what I may become are endless.

Finally I was sent one that featured a curbside garbage bin - and this time I replied that this is where said person would find their limbs if they continued to call me a vegetable or a garbage bin.

For a new retort today I sent my antagonist photos of my radio when it was playing Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert, and Church Bells by Carrie Underwood......................can you guess what I was going for here? Don't be afraid to comment to the GB - you can do it right on Facebook - or you can send a message via the website - and you can make up a name - no one will know its you - I know many of you don't actually admit in public that you read this blog, but when you approach me in the grocery store and quote from it, I know you are a fan - and I appreciate it!

Next we may go back to rules of the there any fucking place in the US that you have two lanes of traffic with a double yellow line in between them and it means that both lanes should travel in the same direction? I didn't think so either, but the dipshit driving west on Windsor Road (only townies will get this reference) in the left lane seemed to think it was ok. Until a car traveling east was about half a block from plowing into them..........this community has the worst damn drivers of any city I have ever driven in.


The Gym Bytch ----- oh and Go Cubs!!

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