About the Gym Bytch

Jen ShelbyGym Bytch is my alter ego, well one of them anyway. She first reared her rude, yet honest head during the week of Thanksgiving 2013. My trainer was taking the week off and I wanted to stay accountable and get all my workouts done. After my first one that week, I came home and got on Facebook and wrote about it, and some of the atrocities I had seen at the gym. People “liked” it, so I did it again the next day, and more people “liked” what I wrote. I kept writing almost every day. I broadened my horizons to outside the gym too.

Life is absurd and you need to find the humor in it to keep going from day to day. This is my brain dump. It is cathartic.

I was born without a filter (neither of my parents have one either) and I use that to say what many people would like to say. Some of you may find this persona offensive. That is ok – I am not here to please everyone. Quite frankly, I am not here to please anyone. I love writing, I am opinionated, and I love making people laugh. If you like the Gym Bytch please share the link with your friends. If you, or they are easily offended I would click off this page right now – you have been warned!

If you have questions or topics you would like me to cover, I love the suggestions, and I do actually research this stuff. I write off the top of my head and reread it once before posting...it has to stay real and honest and that is the best way to accomplish that feat. Thank you for reading, and I hope you stick with me!

The Gym Bytch
(Jen Shelby in real life)