What The Fuck

Wednesday, May 28, 2014/Categories: Entries

What The Fuck

I just typed my whole gym bitch rant for the day about the emergency room and the whole fucking thing disappeared. There are a lot of days that I hate technology!!!!!

Now I am just pissed -- so the ER column will just have to wait until tomorrow -- then I will get back to the carwash episode.......

In case you are wondering I will give you a snippet ---- I made an unexpected trip to ER - now called ED - Emergency Department yesterday after almost passing out during a blood donation. Turns out my blood pressure was screwed up due to my sever back pain, and then relieving myself of a pint of blood pissed my body off - so if I sat or stood my blood pressured dropped -- it was my body's way of saying "I am in pain, you dumb fuck, lay down and rest for a bit". I did. For 4 hours on a gurney that was about ass high in the HALLWAY of Carle ED.

I had a perfect, unobstructed view of the doors everyone comes in and out of in that department -- at least all the patients -- and you can't believe all that I saw................

Stay tuned

The Gym Bitch

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