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And Sorry About Your Penis

Sunday, July 26, 2015/Categories: Entries

Recently I took four friends to the lake in Arkansas -- Beaver Lake to be specific. It was as close to a beaver as most of these gentlemen had ever been. On our first sojourn to the lake they packed enough shit to live on the boat for several days.............the trek is only about a block and we had three large beach bags, two coolers, a 12 pack of seltzer water and a Strawberry Shortcake beach ball. We got the coolers there by pulling them in a little red wagon. My neighbor saw us and said "oh I'm sorry I didn't see you sooner I would have driven you down in the Gator" - I said - oh no -- this is so much more amusing. I was actually glad he didn't happen along sooner.

We finally got all the gear loaded and set off --- remember up above I said we were on a lake - you can always see land - but yet we had a half ton of provisions. We set off to start the exploration.........we stopped from time to time to tie up and get off and took every floatation device on the boat to keep this gaggle afloat  - Lordy - I sat on one life jacket and was handed my cocktail and floated about watching the others waller their way into the water.

In the good old days while boating all boaters used to wave to each other -- that does not happen anymore - very sad. There are also know Cigarette boats on the lake - this is actually a brand of boat that is 38-50' long, loud as fuck and always driven by a man with a small penis, and frequently with manboobs. They never wave - they are gripping the wheel of their floating phallic symbol with both hands - or clutching a beer in one and steering with the other. If any man is reading this that owns one of these boats and actually has a large penis, he would need to show me said penis. I could never just take his word for that.

I'm contemplating buying a megaphone so when I pass one of these men I can wave and yell "sorry about your penis"! There may be more to write telling what will happen next around here...............we may colonize down here and stay. Many decisions to be made.


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