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Tuesday, October 25, 2016/Categories: Entries

I have had a string of people lately that seem to think owning your own business is glamorous............actually that couldn't be further from the truth. I mean maybe if I was Donald Trump.........bwahahahahaha - that's my evil tyrant laugh. 

So anyway lately there have been a couple of instances where I wish I had a GoPro strapped to my head at all times so you could see exactly how unglamorous it really can be. A few weeks ago I had to go to a shady area in Illinois to confirm the identity of a car that was stolen from one of my had been in a high speed chase, at speeds so fast the police discontinued pursuit, but later came to find the car running, atop a boulder. No people, no keys, but pot, a lot of phone chargers and a gun. The car had been missing for a month, and had been reported stolen that long ago. I did not want this car back. The insurance company told me that I had to go to the impound lot and take pictures to send them so they could determine the state of the car.

I went to the impound lot -- this place really had two snarling dogs that seemed to want to eat me, and a man that opened a tiny trap door(head height and size) instead of the whole door when I came into the office. He would not let me in without a "hold harmless" letter from the police. I went back to the police station - where this all started with me telling them I needed said letter. They told me I did not. So here I am again telling them that the wizard and his junk yard dogs were not going to let me in. A policeman escorted me back, he spoke to the man behind the tiny trap door and promised to escort me at all times. Apparently I look very shady - or like I could smuggle a bright red Dodge Charger out of the lot. I went back, with my chaperone, and took a bunch of pictures, now in the pouring rain. (Off track again - but did anyone watch Monday night football last night - I had a text from a concerned reader about Jon Gruden's pants...........apparently he was trying to smuggle a hamster.........)

I got back to the dealership and uploaded the photos to the insurance company.............they then ask if I had gotten pictures of the undercarriage..............I told them that I had no desire to lay on the ground in the pouring rain and try to get pictures of this sin wagon. They finally declared it totaled and sent me a check.

Today I stood on a sidewalk while my staff and I passed out hotdogs to people and their kids that were trick or treating around downtown.............while was not glamorous either. Then I came home and cleaned up dog puke.............still haven't gotten to the glamorous part of my day...........and to top it off the Cubs left the bases loaded - now I'm also despondent.


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