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Friday, January 30, 2015/Categories: Entries

First of all let me apologize for letting an entire week get away from me ---- but I have a very good reason why that has happened!! I am back in the car business!!! I have missed the challenge and all the fun of the corporate world - I had a great opportunity to buy a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership and a Ford dealership in Hoopeston, Illinois. I have  great business partner and I am buying from a man that owned and ran them with integrity. It is so exciting - although a 12 hour work day was something I will have to get used to again and the furry and feathered household members are not terribly excited about this. They use to go to work with me when I owned my dealership in Champaign and that may start happening again in Hoopeston. I certainly hope you will all come buy a car from me, or from one of my people - I promise I am actually totally business like and I can speak without swearing, and I truly believe that the customer is the most important part of each day!

This brings me to another topic - I have heard a few dreadful rumors about myself..............and one that I am sure is fact - and that was someone talking about this blog and how disgusting I am and I should be kept at arms length. I have also heard some other very colorful things that are totally untrue - but grow up people. Hate me if you want, hate my blog, I don't care. If you don't like what I write don't read it. If you don't like who I am don't waste your time with me. But I am really not too damn bad. This blog can be disgusting, crude, irreverent - all sorts of bad things - but for most I say (write) the things that others are thinking but won't say. It is a cathartic exercise for me and apparently it makes people laugh. This is just a part of who I am - if you don't get that you are a dipshit.

Anyway, for those that like me - keep reading and come by a vehicle from me in Hoopeston - I would love to earn your business!!


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