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Saturday, March 22, 2014/Categories: Entries

I came to grips with the fact long ago that if I ventured past black pants and shirts, or jeans and sweatshirts, that I really need to see the outfit hanging together in the store to put things together. Easier yet is to have personal shoppers. As a kid we had them in the major department stores -- today they are some of my well put together friends.

Giving my clothes shopping over to my shoppers happened years ago in Chicago - I was shopping with both of my mothers - Jane Eisner Green and Judith Kaufman and Heather Smith Tucker in Chicago --- there was a beautiful long pink Ralph Lauren skirt with the appropriate top -- I went in to the dressing room, put it on, came out and Jane looked me up and down and said "That's too bad". I believed then, and still do, that she was talking about the outfit. Now I find it easier to stand in the middle of the department with a befuddled look on my face, or peruse the black jackets while Heather or Burgi, or clerks pull outfits together. The fun part is then they can sit in a chair and I will put on a fashion show - and I even come out in things that look horrible for the shear entertainment!!

As luck would have it Sparky can pick out clothes for me as well.........nice perk!!

When it comes to home goods I am much better - I can pick things out and usually know exactly what I am looking for, even though frequently it is an item I have made up in my imagination. I then put an imaginary value on it so I know what to pay. Somedays I am pretty good at the search -- other days I walk into a place and my eye starts twitching and I start to hyperventilate. I can't stand tons of stuff and tons of people, crammed in narrow aisles. This is where Jamie Redmond comes in very handy --- he finds things and holds them up for me -- or better yet he finds the right thing on the internet and sends me the link.

One nice thing about shopping with me, besides laughing, is the fact that most shopping trips are cut short by the need to find a bar and have an adult beverage. So Tonya Kochan -- do you really want to add your name to the team?? You have been warned!!

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