People In My Yard

Saturday, March 29, 2014/Categories: Entries

People In My Yard

As many of you may know, my current residence is on the market. I still live in this home. So riddle me this............if a for sale sign is in the yard, does that give free reign to strangers to wander around your yard??

I have a 75lb dog, that still understands this to be his yard.......happily I had not gone to get him at the kennel yet when this happened. I would hope that his barking would serve as fair warning if he were in the back yard --- and people would not open the gate...........

Am I to blame if he takes a chunk out of someone's ass if they have come into his yard without permission?? And by that I mean my permission - once we have established that people are allowed to enter the yard and the house. Without my permission. Not so much.

The dogs were at the kennel due to a girls outing -- a little shopping, an art exhibit, a little eating, a little gambling and a little drinking......very good time!! Thanks to Heather Smith Tucker, Kate Keller Maggio, Jane Eisner Green and Maggie. Heather, Kate and I brought the looks factor, and the number of teeth per patron quotients up significantly at the gambling establishment we visited. Jane and Maggie kept the vending machines and the nearby gift shops in business after dinner, while we gambled. It's a public service we provide free of charge.

Much to my sister's dismay, this trip also brought to light some things about her 11 year old daughter. She likes to shoot (hunting video game - that she played with the same intense competitiveness that her mother and I have), she wants to get a tattoo, and she can't wait to turn 21 so she can gamble. On the plus side, she didn't mention drinking and she still thinks naked people are gross. There is still hope!!

I try to learn something new every day. Today I learned that it is not ok to take your gun to the driving range.

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