Not A Bitch At All

Saturday, May 17, 2014/Categories: Entries

Not A Bitch At All

Beginning yesterday at 5pm, I changed roles from GB to Blackburn College Trustee. We started with a reception at the President's home, a dinner and then the Baccalaureate service. The first picture is of all the trustees robing in the green room for the service last night.

This morning we awoke to sunshine and breakfast on the President's lawn - kudos to President John Comerford and his wife Rachel -- they are an amazing addition to the Blackburn family! As I walked across campus, I snapped a picture of the families starting to assemble to see their 2014 graduates -- there were 101 of them -- we are a small liberal arts institution. One of only 7 work colleges in the nation, and the only one that is student managed.

Out of the 101 grads 15 of them were Summa Cum Laude, 8 of them were Magna Cum Laude and 11 Cum Laude students. All 101 of them smiled, greeted the President, shook hands, stopped for a picture and were pleasant and well mannered. It is truly an impressive group of graduates. Blackburn may be small in number, but it is huge when it comes to a liberal arts education and the practical work experience these students come out into the world with --- I am proud to be a trustee of this fine institution!

Trustee Shelby
aka TGB

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