NaPoWriMo Day #27

The Mouse

Monday, April 27, 2020/Categories: Entries

NaPoWriMo Day #27

Poetry Day #27

Today our prompt was to write a review of something that would normally not be reviewed – I thought of several things, and will keep them as fodder for more poems – I don’t think I will quit writing when May 1 get here!



A little brown mouse

Eludes us for weeks on end

Who is the smart one?


The Dealership Mouse

Our dealership mouse made an appearance recently

He sat right in my office looking up at me without a care in the world

He is very clever and his confidence is apparent in each move he makes

A flamboyant creature to watch as he maneuvers through the room

Hoisting up his fat little body while simultaneously engaging his feet

He is not the quickest mouse you’ve ever met

But he is perhaps the most confident

He flaunts authority daily by leaving his deposits all around the trap

Yet never falling prey to our futile attempts to get rid of him

He is both annoying and adorable all at the same time

As I watch this saga unfold I am finding myself cheering

More often for the mouse and rarely for we lesser humans

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