NaPoWriMo Day #24

My Favorite Fruit

Friday, April 24, 2020/Categories: Entries

NaPoWriMo Day #24

Poetry Day #24


Our prompt today was very simple: write about your favorite fruit.



Apples or cherries

Fruits I love don’t grow on trees

They simply exist




Favorite Fruit

When queried about my favorite fruit

the answer came quickly and easily

But how to describe with all due justice

the qualities of my favorite

is a monumental task


You see, my most loved fruit

does not grow on a tree,

but has been known to sit under one 

                                  Does not cling to bushes yet may be

found pruning them

Nor can you find what I speak of

growing from a vine,

but rather enjoying the products

of the vineyards


How to pick just one favorite

when there are so many to choose from

One stands out, my first and always best fruit

But then I discovered my love for so many

I had never taken the time to label them

they were just part of my life

An honest and trustworthy part

that I knew I could always count on to be there


You may be offended if you wish,

but when ask to describe my favorite fruit

mine had a name

I quickly realized that I could hurt

others by leaving them out

or by including them in this

off kilter list


So let’s suffice it to say

that my favorite fruits can be found

from one end of this country to the other

They come in all shapes and sizes

Armed with many different traits and beliefs

They enrich my life immeasurably

You see, my favorite fruits are

of the human variety



Artwork today is from a Michael Goddard piece.

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