NaPoWriMo Day #22

Idioms Are Amazing

Wednesday, April 22, 2020/Categories: Entries

NaPoWriMo Day #22

Poetry Day #22


I sighed audibly when I read the prompt today, but have changed my mind and now find endless possibility with this prompt and three websites they provided as fodder.

It was suggested that today we study idioms used in other countries, but use the literal English translation of them. I have jotted down many!




To fret is easy

There is no cow on the ice

I long to say this


Today’s haiku was inspired by the Swedish idiom:

Det är ingen ko på isen, in Sweden this means “there’s no need to worry”, the literal English translation is “there’s no cow on the ice”, which is so much better than saying there is no need to worry!


Doca Maca Na Vratanca


I may not be the nicest person

you’ve ever encountered,

but at least I try to make an effort

to do nice things, to help those in need

and to be generous when I can

with my time, treasure and limited talent.


Some people choose to turn a blind eye,

to be outwardly rude and go out

of their way to avoid those in need.

To claim it is not their problem 

while scoffing at people that

are just victims of circumstance.


Admittedly I have a small smile on

my face and a little joy in my heart

when I think to myself or better yet,

blurt right out loud to thoughtless

folks that are callus and rude;

 The pussy cat will come to the tiny door!


This was inspired by the Croatian saying:

Doće maca na vratanca – which translates literally to “The pussy cat will come to the tiny door” but to the Croatians means “What goes around comes around”.


Artwork is from a piece in my collection by S. Filking entitled Mothers Pride.



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