NaPoWriMo Day #18

The Little Things

Saturday, April 18, 2020/Categories: Entries

NaPoWriMo Day #18

Poetry Day #18


Today’s prompt was to write an ode to life’s small pleasures. Got it.




Life is not easy

Take time to see joy in things

Even little ones


The Bright Side


Life during a pandemic

Can be scary

Even unnerving

And also highly annoying

Due to people that like to complain about

The smallest and most insignificant things

That rail on about their rights

If I could blow them up with my mind

I feel rather afraid that I would

So instead

I sit and contemplate my morning cup of coffee

With the frivolous flavored creamer

And the newspaper

And my wife and our pets

And the ducks beside the pond

And the finches outside the kitchen window

Flitting around the delicate pink buds

On the weeping Japanese maple

I am still scared and worried

Yet I let hope creep in

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