Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 11, 2014/Categories: Entries

Mother’s Day

As Kate Keller Maggio already pointed out we had a very nice Mothers Day -- I mean how can you beat Weinerschnitzel followed by horrible indigestion - and a trip to Prairie Gardens --- where a woman in a sleeveless t-shirt, with tattoos yelled "here it is!" - she was talking about the fairy garden section -- she looked and acted more like an ogre (no offense Shrek and Fiona) and when she yelled at her 4-5 year old daughter -- "Get your ass over here" that was the real kicker -- nice Mothers Day talk --- kids are a privilege not a right - you wretched old cow.

I decided to post this picture with my niece and nephew - I couldn't love them more if I had had them myself -- happily I left that to others!! Thank you mothers!!

The Gym Bitch

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