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The Nooner

Thursday, September 25, 2014/Categories: Entries

Earlier today I was partaking in a conversation that turned to the topic of The Nooner. A gentleman in our group was talking about the fact that another man had been going home for lunch. The other man said "oh it's not what you think!" I said "What - no nooners?"

This is an older crowd -- fifties and up…………the nooner is the perfect option! You aren't young anymore --- you fall asleep early -- you have programs on tv you want to watch ------- you eat dinner at 5pm ----------so instead of being too tired at the end of the day I suggest knocking one off at noon. Or perhaps in the early morning - right when you wake up -- the 50+ crowd still gets morning wood -- don't you?? You can message me with that information - you don't need to put it in the comments. Especially if you don't get a morning erection - that's not something you want to advertise!

If your partner complains about it -- getting sweaty, having to shower again -- just take one on the bathroom counter -- the cool counter top will clean right up with a little 409 - no messed up bed, no messed up hair, if you still work up a lather you can jump right in the shower and just rinse off --- don't make excuses people -- sex keeps you young and limber!!

I encourage all of you with a partner to knock off a nooner in the next week!!

Love you, The Gym Bytch

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