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Thursday, February 5, 2015/Categories: Entries

 Who would have thought that I would ever get to serve as the honorary coach for a Big 10 athletic event. I don’t want to tarnish the reputation of this fine team so I will start out by telling you that none of them read this blog. They are all fine upstanding people! Anyway they won the game tonight – it was quite exciting………..and I guess since none of them read this I can tell you that it was the U of I women’s basketball team! They scored 95 points against the Minnesota Gophers.

If you have not come out to see a game (I do see a few of my readers there – but I allow people to completely deny reading this) you really need to get the crow bar out, pry open your wallet and fork over $5 to see some really fun basketball!  The next home game is on Valentine’s Day – so you could bring your sweetie to the game and then out to dinner – or if you are a total tightwad you can just buy them a hotdog at the game. There’s nothing sexier than burping up a hotdog all night! 

That’s really all I have to say today – happily I had an uneventful day at the dealerships and the roads were clear so I made it home in the normal amount of time and everyone kept their bodily functions in check – so all was good in Hoopeston!

I also did not go to the gym…………oops………….I have to get back on that wagon – I will readily admit to become a bit fluffy in the past couple of months. I will figure out my new routine and then get back on the right track. In fact I think tomorrow morning calls for lunatic snow shoveling – serves as a workout and a completed household chore.


The Gym Bytch

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