How Much is Too Much?

Thursday, October 30, 2014/Categories: Entries

There is a yard in my neighborhood -- I will try to take a picture tomorrow that shows the yard, but does not give anything away………..it has dozens of plastic Halloween objects in it.  When is it too much? At what point does it become tacky? Or a hoarder's collection of crap?

When you are out there in your yard, and you have placed cats, bats, headstones, jack-o'-lanterns, witches, hung ghosts from trees - is that zombie corpse that appears to be coming out of the ground that makes you stop, back up, and yell "nailed it!!"??   I mean how do you know you are done decorating? You seem to have no limits to the number of decorations you will put out, but yet, something makes you stop.  Did you just run out of craptastic items? Or did you say "oh, I think any more and we would be over the top".  Well, you missed that stopping point about 12 plastic statues ago.  Have no fear - if you just ran out of items they will all be on sale in just over 24 hours!  

I will be out Saturday trying to find some giant inflatable pilgrims and a big turkey to put in my yard for Thanksgiving! 


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