Gym Attire

Thursday, May 8, 2014/Categories: Dear Gym Bytch

Gym Attire

A loyal reader sent this in, and while he is male and this is hot pink - I do think it is acceptable to wear to the gym -- as long as it is covering your jiggly parts -- on this particular man - I do not think he has jiggly arms - so he is good to go!!

Unless of course when he puts his arm down at his side it looks like he has squashed a tarantula under his arm - in that case he may need to do a little manscaping or at least pit scaping prior to putting this on and heading out!!

I was also reminded today that what we now call the burpee was once called the squat thrust. I don't remember minding them nearly as much when they were squat thrusts.................

The Gym Bitch

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