Gas Station Hotdog

Wednesday, May 7, 2014/Categories: Dear Gym Bytch

Gas Station Hotdog

A Gym Bitch reader commented yesterday and reminded me of a funny story...............

It is a little known fact that the Gym Bitch is perfectly comfortable dining at a five star restaurant, but is equally happy to eat gas station food.

One exception -- the Bitch does not eat any sort of fish from a gas station.

So one day GB was actually on duty as a Blackburn College Trustee, between Champaign and Carlinville. That is a two hour drive - with a favorite gas station conveniently located just outside Decatur -- it is a favorite because it has clean restrooms, decent clientele, a good snack selection, good hotdogs and above all really good ice.

So that day, dressed in Blackburn logo wear, Gym Bitch went in to use the facilities, get a drink and have lunch - which consisted of a hotdog. She went to the cashier, set down the drink, set down the hotdog, in its little paper holder and as she reached for her wallet the hotdog rolled out of its protective paper dish getting ketchup and mustard on the counter. She calmly put the hotdog back in its tray. The cashier said "Ma'am go ahead and get another hotdog". GB: "Oh its ok". She reaches for her wallet again. Again the hotdog makes a break for it! This time the cashier is too quick - he has his towel in his hand already - as she reaches, he reaches out with both hands beating her to the dog. He covers it with both hands, looks her in the eye and slowly says "Ma'am, let's just get you a new hotdog". GB: "If you insist" and off she goes to get another hotdog, carefully striped with one stripe of mustard and one of ketchup. This time being more clever than the poor cashier thought was possible for this simple woman, she grabbed the large, deep paper container used for nachos. Just try to roll out of that you damn weiner!!

She paid, proceeded to her car and most likely ended up with mustard and ketchup on the front of her outfit.

The End.

The Gym Bitch

Photo from Damon Taylor on Flickr

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