Fries vs. Burpees

Tuesday, May 13, 2014/Categories: Dear Gym Bytch

Fries vs. Burpees

See the picture below - provided to me by Gayle Kamerer Rediger. Wow -- for Mother's Day at Der Wienie I did eat some fries - chili cheese fries and a chili cheese dog to be exact -- I think that would take half a million burpees to burn off - and it did take a lot of Tums to just survive the rest of the day!!

But this really puts it into perspective --- I say no thank you to the fries - out of shear hatred for the burpees -- or squat thrusts as they were called in the days of old - when we weren't so fucking worried about being politically correct.

How many hours of pickle ball would it take to burn these same fries off?? How many hours of playing hide the pickle?? Well anyway, just step away from the fries. They are not worth it.

The Gym Bitch

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