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Yes - I'm Talking About Myself

Sunday, January 24, 2016/Categories: Entries

Wow - I can't believe that the last time I wrote was November 4 - and I clearly lied to you all (both of you that read this) then by stating that I was going to start writing again…….

Well - here we go again with that same promise! Here is a quick review for those of you that may have forgotten what I am all about or for those of you that are just reading this blog for the first time……….it is a disclaimer of sorts. I use horrific language in this blog. I talk about stuff that genteel people do not speak of. I believe that any of us that are in the least bit creative (or fun) have at least a few different voices in our heads. This is just one of mine so don't get your panties all wadded up thinking I talk to vehicle buyers or movie investors this way - all my partners know about this voice. If you don't like it, don't read - or read it and get yourself all wound up but don't bust my balls about it. 

In the past 24 hours I have been incredibly inspired by a couple of different things. The first thing is a short film produced by Shatterglass Films of which I am a managing partner/co-owner. It is called The Pooka and you can like it on Facebook, and go visit the website  It is directed by my partner Luke and it is abso-fucking-lutely amazing! So check it out and keep up with us on social media so you know where this film is going, and to stay in the loop about our other projects.

The next thing that motivated me was the need/desire to get back in the gym - I went yesterday and today……..and you won't believe this - but there is a chance that I have turned over a new leaf. I actually ogled a guy in my age range earlier today………he has an ass you can still bounce a quarter off of and amazing legs. So that motivated me to go to cycling class. I'm glad I went, but I think I came close to expiring. I have not been to one of those classes in a year or more. The music was good, and even though the motivational ass and legs were not in the class I thought about them during class. That got me through the first 25 minutes. By the 30 minute mark I thought I was going to throw up. 

Throwing up at the gym leaves you wide open to be punched in the face. Especially if there is a sympathy barfer near you. So I breathed through it and readied myself to take the punch if it was going to happen. You can't cry about it - you just have to take it.

Happily I did not throw up! By the 40 minute mark I had to remind myself to breath and to keep my shoulders down. By the 55 minute mark I was unsure if I would be able to get off the bike - I was pretty sure my sitz bone and my lady parts were all broken. But I made it - I got off the bike, I stretched and then I hobbled humbly to my car. Well hobbled for sure - I am not sure I ever do anything humbly. 

So I feel pretty good about myself. I am part of an amazing movie production company, I was a perv with someone age appropriate who knew I was looking and I got in a couple of really good workouts this weekend.

Maybe I'm back…………..maybe I'm lying again…………hard to tell at this moment but hopefully you will be hearing from me on a more regular basis.


The Gym Bytch

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