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Sunday, June 1, 2014/Categories: Entries

OK - so Tuesday after giving blood, and my blood pressure dropping too low I ended up in the Emergency Department at Carle --- I was on a gurney in the hall --- and I am not complaining about that --- I was not in a life threatening situation - I was laying down and I had a great view of the main doors so I saw everyone that was coming and going!

One person left a trail of blood -- but I don't know what the issue was, there were possible heart attacks, falls, work accidents - the place was packed - and this was Tuesday afternoon about 4pm.

Now I will be judgmental (there's a shocker!!) Some of these people that were in there appeared to be pretty darn healthy and normal -- but who I am too judge -- maybe I was just feeling bitter about the fact that due to hold on the table to stay in my chair at the blood center, while my brain was shutting down - I did not get to eat my oatmeal cookie sandwich - the one with the cream in the middle ---

They do have really good ice at the hospital - so that was a plus!

Here is my one suggestion for the ED at Carle --- have a big thing of blankets right by the double doors that the patients come through.

I was on a gurney about ass high - the ambulance gurneys are much taller -- some of the hospital ones are too......... and there was a lot of flesh coming right at me -- like a really bad 3D porn film or something.

Do a lot of peoples' clothes fall off during an emergency - or is it just protocol to get them in some state of undress to work on them?? All I ask is that for the love of God - get them some more blankets -- and some of these people are not just a 1 blanket customer - they may need 2 or 3 to cover it all up. It's not just that I am self-centered, and that some of what I saw was horrific(the fleshy mounds - not the wounds - open, bloody wounds don't bother me) - hell I'm not even discussing the jiggle factor here -- let's just do it so that the person can maintain some semblance of dignity in a trying time.

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