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Just Because You Can Sing, Doesn't Mean You're Good

Saturday, February 21, 2015/Categories: Entries

Wow -- first of all, let me tell you it is good to be writing to all of you, or both of you - whichever you choose to believe.

I have missed writing and I am full of excuses - I am back in the car business as you know if you've been reading - a Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealership and a Ford dealership in Hoopeston -- please send all your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintences, anyone you know to come buy their vehicles in Hoopeston. I don't swear with customers. In fact, I can be quite professional. This is just one of my personas. 

I also have another new venture about to launch and I have been writing for that as well - still in my writing style but totally professionally - who'd of guessed that nonsense.

Since Thursday I have been wearing yet another hat - that of Trustee of Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois. Great work college - google it and send your college students there - they will get a great 4 year liberal arts education and work experience, all at the best value of any private institution in the state. My fellow trustees are comprised largely of alumni - and they are/were prior to retirement things like an air force colonel, executives at major national corporations, thoracic surgeons, lawyers, former college presidents, pilots, vice chancellors, the list goes on and on - suffice it to say this is an amazing group of people and I get to spend three weekends a year with them. This weekend culminated in an auction to raise money for students that live in Macoupin County that want to attend Blackburn - it is a great time and you end up with some very interesting items. Heatie - we have some eBay items to list on Monday!! 

The grand finale of my evening, which I know a couple of the trustees that missed it will be very sad about, is Saturday night karaoke back at the Magnuson Grand Hotel where a bunch of us stay. Those of us that were there should just thank our lucky stars that someone passing by did not hear the sounds of the wounded animals inside and come in to put them out of their misery. These people couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, but what they lacked in talent they made up for in volume. One man got up to sing a song with the lines: "if you ask me how I'm feeling, I would say I'm feeling just fine" it goes on to say that he's lying - he's not feeling fine at all because someone just dumped his ass - might have been due to his singing........anyway, next time I am here I am going to request to sing that same song - but every time it calls for the word "feeling" I am going to replace that with "singing". These people were not singing fine. It was practically painful in some cases. Then there was the clapping - it must have been Clap On The Off Beat Night and I must not have seen the sign.  I had two drinks and came back to my room - I have never had enough to drink to make these people sound good, and this girl can throw back some cocktails.

Oh well, all in all a great weekend, and I swabbed my ears out when I got back in the room and the bleeding had stopped so all is good.

I hope to be back regularly now - I am settling into a routine that needs to include writing and the gym -- lord almighty I've gotten a little fluffy again....................


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