Anything But

Saturday, May 23, 2020/Categories: Entries

Anything But

Anything But



There are benefits to having teenage parents

One of those is doting grandparents

If you’re really lucky there are also great grandparents


On my mother’s side I had both

I had my Great Granny

And her daughter

Who was just my Plain Granny


I was the first Grand, and you’d think

That Plain Granny would have stuck

But it didn’t, not past my siblings


Perhaps because Grandfather disliked it

Every card I have that he got to first

Is signed Grandfather and Grandmother

Then a single line through Grandmother

With Plain Granny jotted below


Was she plain?

Not hardly

She was educated, stubborn, 

Beautiful beyond measure

Elegant and could swear like a sailor

Enjoyed scotch, because that’s what ladies drink

But loved a beer over ice


She was completely comfortable in formal attire

At a five star restaurant

And equally so at a local watering hole


She was not always easy to get along with

She and I did not always see eye to eye

But we always came around

And loved each other whole heartedly


As you can see my Granny was a lot of things

And she was anything but plain

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