An Actual Public Service Announcement

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Thursday, January 8, 2015/Categories: Entries

An Actual Public Service Announcement

  I had all kinds of things in mind to write about today – as I was quite bitchy all day – weather, shit breaking in rentals, people annoying the daylights out of me – on and on………. 

But tonight I attended the Illini Women’s Basketball game – and it was so much fun!!  And the Illini women beat 17th ranked Iowa which made it even more fun – they never quit – they just kept pushing!! I took a friend that had never attended a game and he quite enjoyed the experience. 

I believe that everyone should join the booster club – I believe that for several reasons:

These young ladies deserve support.

Women should be empowered.

Women are as much fun to watch as men – and actually set an offense and defense.

Little girls need to know they can grow up and be any damn thing they want to be.

The coaching staff is wonderful and the best-looking staff of any team I have seen to date.

I am the president of the booster club.

Need I say more?

If you are in town – come to the game on Sunday – the parking and admission are FREE – 

If you actually want to get off your wallet --- send me a message and I will email or mail you a membership form. Please and thank you.

Remember, every once in awhile the Bytch is out doing good in the community!!

Please do your part and share this post with all your friends!! 


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